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New Year's Resolution

As a way to kick of the new term in a new school, I thought the best thing we could do would be to set our intentions, right from the very start.

This banner can hang on your wall, and remind you that no matter what your power, whether it's sewing, stitching, drawing or baking, we can all use our powers for good.  Even sharing a little bit of positivity could be the thing that turns someones day around, so don't be shy of using whatever power you have, for good.

This project uses:
Crochet & Embroidery

You will need:
i. 50cm dowel, or you could use: a knitting needle, a wire coat hanger, a stick you found in the woods etc
iia. 30cm x 35cm piece of fabric
iib. 5mm crochet hook any aran weight yarn
iii. colourful yarn (I've used Caron Simply Soft in ALL the neons)
iv. yarn needle
v. scissors

To make the banner:
i. If crocheting - crochet 50 dc stitches around the dowel. To do this you...
 ... make a slip stitch, pop it on your hook and then bring the yarn around the back of your dowel...
 ... yarn over your hook AND around the dowel before completing the stitch...
... continue until you have 50 stitches on your hook.

Chain 1, turn, and dc in each stitch.  Repeat until you have 65 rows.

You now need to dust off your cross stitch skills, and follow the chart below using your colourful yarn to create the text.

And then a bit of free hand stitching for the rest of the letters, you can follow the below chart if it makes you feel more confident.

Now for a bit of fringing along the bottom: cut 40cm lengths of colourful yarn, fold in half and poke through the bottom edge of the material to make a loop, draw the rest of the yarn through the loop.

Hang up and trim to shape.

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  1. Thank you for such an interesting idea. I like these words. Perhaps they will motivate me to do great things. After all, I hung this banner in my bedroom, not in the kitchen. I hope I'll remember this every time I do my homework or work for the mastergrades.