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Hello Loveheart's!  (As a term of endearment that I use on a regular basis, it's extremely gratifying to be able to use it in a relevant context).  With the romantic time of year nearly upon us, I thought we could have a lesson from both  Stitchery and Yarnistry houses, that either celebrates or empowers those that choose to participate.

So if you're feeling romantically inclined, first we have a crochet loveheart tutorial.  Worked up in a jersey yarn (recycled, my favourite) it can be used as a coaster or placemat for the perfect, schmultzy evening of roses and fondant fancies.

Or for the more cynical among us, there's a cross stitch pattern, in cross stitch ;) that you can use to adorn anything with a nice grid pattern to work on to.  I've used a knitted jumper, and worked into the stitches with a bit of DK cotton, but you can use anything you like.

Crochet Loveheart

Jersey Yarn
9mm hook

Cross Stitch Lovehearts

Paintbox DK Cotton in Daffodil Yellow, Bubblegum Pink and Bright Peach.
Twilley's Goldfingering Yarn in Red
Yarn needle

I've grab a plain, knitted jumper from a thrift store, and am working into the holes made by the stitches for my cross stitch grid.

Start by finding the central point of your material, and work the middle loveheart from there.  This way you will be sure to have a nice, symmetrical pattern.

To work the lettering, follow the design below, but again, start from the middle as this will help you to ensure the letters sit evenly across the heart.


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