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Floral Crown - Stage 1

In a couple of month's I'm sort of getting married (technically we got married ten years ago, but didn't invite a soul, so we're finally fulfilling the promises to our Mum's and having our wedding reception), so clearly the only thing to do is make an enormous floral crown.

I though I'd share the process with you, so that you can have a go too.  This tutorial is stage 1 - building the flowery bit.  Really this blogpost could also have been called 'how to not be afraid of a glue gun', as that's really the key to it all.  If, like me, you used one at school and ended up with blistered fingers, now's the time to put that fear away, remember you're a grown up, and tackle the challenge head on.

For this make you will need:

A collection of silk/paper/woolly flowers.  Mine are from HobbyCraft and were all on stems.  If you find yours like this, then either cut or just pull the heads off (checking that you won't be pulling the entire flower head apart).
Alice band
Glue gun

Start with your leaves as a base, apply the hot glue to the alice band, and then stick the leaves to it.  It's much easier this way round.

Make sure you glue them nice and securely (go glue crazy) as this will then be the base you glue the flowers to.

To attach the flowers, it's easier to pop a bit of glue on to the part of the flower you want to stick down, and then secure it with a little more once it's in place.

Try it on as you go, to make sure you're getting your flowers in the right place.

When finished, put it on at marvel at yourself in the mirror, and then hear your own voice say "but is it enough?" (true story).  Stage 2 will be adorning it with birds, jewels and dangly bits.


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