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Patch up Your Troubles

Mrs.Steel's School of Stitchcraft and Scissory is ALL about making more, and taking less.  Got hole in the knee of your favourite jeans?  Patch them.  Hate the idea of some horrible denim patch?  Make it an excellent feature.  Reusing, upcycling, remaking; it's a way of life as well as a deeply gratifying, and enjoyable thing to do.

So preaching done, and here's today's lesson: just one way to patch a hole.  I think it may be time to start a Mrs.Steel's School account, so we can find all sorts of other, really clever examples of beautiful, creative ways to make your clothes go further.

Some scraps of fabric you like
DK Cotton yarn (but you can literally use anything, I like to use what I have to hand)
Twilley's Gold Fingering yarn

i. Cut your scraps and pin in place.  I've gone for two squares, sat one on top of the other.

ii. Thread your needle and sew simple rows of running stitch, up and down the first patch.  I liked the look of the rows going over each end by a couple of stitches.

iii.  Change to an alternative yarn, and sew rows of running stitch across the next patch, and over the first one.

iv. Fasten off all your ends, and walk around staring at the beauty on your knee.

You can make your stitches as fancy as you like, starting with a simple running stitch is a great way to get going but you can make all sorts of stitchery patterns when you get confident.


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