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Mrs. Steel's School of Stitchcraft and Scissory was opened by author and designer Emma Friedlander-Collins of Steel & Stitch on 1st January, 2017.  It's a place to embrace the multi-talented, creative creatures that you are; find some common humanity through a shared love of making, make some friends and make some stuff.

A creative school for all the craft witches out there. You'll find regular crafty projects, and tutorials with tips, hints and how to's, to help you learn everything from crochet (of course) to cookery.

The school motto is 'Make More, Take Less', and that's exactly what we're going to try and do.  Rather than buying 'throw-away' things from stores, we're going to find creative and exciting ways to make and re-make things to create treasured, heirloom pieces and get back in touch with the things around us.  It's all about better living through craft babies.

If you would like to get involved, or just want to get in touch then contact me at:


  1. hi can i join your web page and newsletter please

  2. Hi Emma! Love what your blog is about, i am a designer/educator my self looking to promote sustainability through creativity and making instead of buying, glad to have discovered you and see others promoting the same values.Great work & look forward to having a good peak into your projects:)

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